We provide focused imagination and design solutions to brands, helping them to build a stronger link with their consumers, to create more meaningful and desirable products, and to improve their bottom line. We achieve this through a combinatiuon of research, creativity and production expertise.

Our effectiveness is derived from our passion for magical ideas, meaningful design solutions, and their best possible presentation at shelf. These are the reasons we get up in the morning..

Swerve was founded by Robert Croft and Martin Short in the summer of 2002 in New York City, which has remained our home ever since. Over the years the Swerve team have been involved in hundreds of projects, with clients all across the globe. Many of Swerve’s designs have been launched internationally and our experiences have led us to become experts in a host of different markets and categories. It is this collective knowledge, along with our focused creativity, planning, and manufacturing experience, which we bring to bear in every program.