Pediacare Single Dose packages

Swerve created Single Dose packaging as a cost effective and child-resistant method of delivering a pre-measured dose of Pedia Care directly to the child with minimal mess and confusion.

Pedia Care and Prestige Brand’s companion product Little Remedies have seen steady sales growth within the children’s fever category. Maintaining this growth required clever and insightful innovation beyond mere presentation and claims.

Traditional bottles require measuring, which can be a challenge. Prestige brands saw an opportunity to create a pre-measured version of their popular PediaCare and Little-remedies products. The challenge was to create an easy to use solution which was both child-resistant and also cost effective enough to still be on par with a bottled product – something the competition had consistently failed to realize.

Swerve worked closely with the Prestige Brands team and its suppliers to create and refine a single material contoured pouch. The package features a revolutionary deep pleat which reduces the size and provides for easy and effective delivery of the entire dose in one squeeze. We added a proprietary fold and tear; non-spill opening which makes for an easy and mess free experience, and maintains a high level of child resistance. The patented package was launched to widespread acclaim and continues to keep Prestige Brand's products at the head of the category.