Tweezerman Packaging

Swerve repackaged the Studio Collection of beauty tools with a new  form, identity and character at shelf, reflecting the product’s professional quality and unrivaled precision.

For those in the know Tweezerman represents the pinnacle of beauty tools. With their premium product design and build along with their lifetime guarantee Tweezerman sets the benchmark that the competition rarely matches. Tweezerman’s studio collection sells in upscale department stores and large beauty stores such as Sephora. However the old and tired packaging all to often caused the products to be overlooked at shelf.

As Swerve delved into the existing packaging and brand identity two things became apparent. Firstly the brand needed something physically iconic that would become instantly recognizable and provide a unity across all the products in the line. Secondly there was an opportunity to unify the package forms and architecture and improve efficiency across the line.

Swerve’s first ah-ha moment came in the realization that what makes Tweezerman tools so special is the quality of the cut, angled surfaces of the tools. We developed a clear and precise package with a crystal like angled surface that was then carried across the entire line.  The identity was then reinvented in line with a more professional positioning, a new Studio logo created, and a system of product color-coding developed. 

The line of 35-plus products was then rationalized across 7 package sizes saving tooling and inventory costs and creating a more impactful and unifying presentation at shelf. The result has been a period of stunning growth and recognition for the brand, and a renewed leadership presence at retail.