Dell – Alienware


Based in Miami, Alienware caters to consumer video game enthusiasts who are in the market for high-performance gaming PCs with striking case designs. Sporting names like Area-51 and Aurora, the company's colorfully appointed systems utilize processors, video cards and storage components optimized for gaming applications. Customized cases, upgraded power supplies and multiple cooling fans further differentiate its PCs.


Alienware was moving from a direct-sale-via-the-Internet business model to one that included retail sales environments. Dell asked Swerve to develop a strategic brand platform to help grow the Alienware brand in this new environment.


Swerve undertook a review of the company’s forthcoming product design, which was beginning to lean away from it‘s traditional, organic alien roots, following a deep dive into the gamers’ world, the competitive set and the manufacturing parameters for the structural packaging. Three strategic brand positionings were developed: FIRST CONTACT leveraged Alienware’s heritage and association with organic alien design aesthetics; EMOTIONAL JOURNEY captured and expressed the emotional connection that gamers have with their passion; and ALIEN TECH extended and amplified the new “alien technology”-focused product design. Structural and graphic branding based on our ALIEN TECH platform placed an emphasis on conveying a feeling of superior “alien” technology; incorporating a ghosted illustration of the alien’s eyes pressing through the surfaces tied the brand emphatically back to its other-worldly heritage!