XBOX 360 packaging.

The previous XBOX model had been immensely popular with hardcore gamers. The new XBOX 360 needed to appeal to other adults and families, as well. Swerve was asked to develop a packaging system that addressed the look and feel of a large range of XBOX products and accessories.


In order to create packages with a common look, Swerve developed a simple set of forms that could be transposed, as the system grew, to products of different sizes and proportions. The combination of messaging zones and physical forms needed to become instantly recognizable yet remain adaptable within a three-dimensional system.

The combination of subtle curves, a consistent waisted silhouette, clean messaging surfaces, common details and simple arching color panels convey a unified sense of friendly precision and unity in the family of products. The overall look supports the transition of XBOX from a male-orientated gaming system to an empowering brand with broad appeal.