Chock Full o' Nuts - retail interiors and industrial design

While other coffee store chains might embrace lingering and coziness, Chock Full O' Nuts is about great coffee and fueling its customers for their busy lives. The interiors of the Chock Full O' Nuts stores needed to combine the welcome of historic diners with the sharp, witty, in-the-know attitude of New York City.

Swerve worked with the Chock Full O’ Nuts team and its suppliers in analyzing the flow of customers over the course of the day, the changing demand for different products and the time customers spent in the store to better understand the demands on space and staff. We observed vast differences in product sales and customer movement at different times of day, so the stores needed to be able to adapt quickly and easily over the course of a day’s trade.

Swerve created layouts for new and existing stores that allowed for fast and easy morning sales of baked goods and coffee during peak periods, while also providing break-out areas for longer stays during more relaxed times and the sale of frozen treats later in the day. The counter was configured with hidden layers, allowing different types of foods to be presented during the day without showing empty shelves. Swerve also designed furniture and condiment stations, which maximized space and created a clean, contemporary nod to the history of the brand. All components were developed so that stores of different sizes could be easily fitted out with a seamless brand style, bold signage and welcoming familiarity.