Quirky Charging Products

Swerve designed three new charge products for the Quirky brand, each with its own unique features, bringing convenient and simpler charging to the home and office.

Swerves latest design for the Quirky brand is a six socket usb charger with built in cable management and charge indicators. The hexagonal form and elastomeric finish create a unique aesthetic and also allows for the cable coverings to be integrated into the surface without the need for expensive and breakable hinges. Each cable pocket allows the user to charge multiple devices independently while keeping surfaces tidy and cable free. Swerve designed and engineered the unit for fast and efficient production with minimal assembly and finishing.

The Mag-charger is designed to be the most convenient desk charging/power product on the market, yet uniquely hidden from view. By incorporating a magnetic adaptor plate, the unit can be attached to the underside of the desk edge and wont disrupt the lines of the furniture. The design also features two power sockets and led charge indicators. We designed and engineered the unit for our clients to be manufactured efficiently and durably to withstand knocks and the rigors of daily use.

Our original Quirky charger combines 3 power sockets with 3 USB sockets and incorporates a standing slot to keep smartphones and tablets neat and safe during charging, along with led charge indicators. The Protect also has a simple elevated base which allows the cables to be wound away neatly keeping surfaces and desktops clutter-free.