We help create and develop some of the world's most successful and engaging brands through a unique combination of product design, branding, packaging, and research.

Sonick Plus speakers

Launched this month is a new set of portable speakers designed by Swerve - the Sonick Plus. These bluetooth devices are designed to provide the best sound along with an easy to use set of controls and a charging base which includes additional USB ports. The end cones feature a solid rim allowing the units to stand upright or be laid on their side and are available in black and white.

The continued expansion of Swerve's product design services are helping our clients to reach new sales records and placement in a wide range of retail outlets.

Sprint, Boost, & Virgin Mobile packaging

Swerve designed a new structural package for this family of phone brands. A fully paperboard package with a suite of modular internal trays to accommodate a wide range of smart-phones and accessories from different manufacturers with an outer sleeve carrying the brand and plan info.

Arccos golf sensor packaging

Swerve were challenged with new structural packaging that would elevate the presentation, protection, and moment of unveil for the consumer. Our solution was a simple yet dramatic, molded part with a pattern of highly engineered retaining slots, married with a folded paperboard case, and an interchangeable printed sleeve.

At swerve we know that each project is unique. We work closely with our clients to create a custom program for every opportunity. This may involve brainstorming or collaborative research with your team, consumer research, or kicking things off with an immersive innovation session. Whatever the structure of the program the results will enable your brand and products to create a stronger bond with your consumers.